Adding Statcounter to your WordPress Site

At we install statistical plugins and Google Analysis for our customers. Some people also like to ad Statcounter . We like Statcounter because it offers certain features that you don't get easily with other website statistics packages. Some of the items worth looking at are there:

  • recent came from
  • recent visitor activity
  • lookup IP address
  • mapping
  • time on site charting

There are many more features that may be interesting to you. Statcounter features are easy to use and self explanatory.Go to for more info. I have posted a video tutorial on how to install Statcounter on your WordPress website. It's just a silent presentation, but it offers a simple way to install Statcounter on your site without messing things up. Using this method you don't have to go into the code to change anything, so it's an easy way for laymen to get started. We believe that if you add Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Wassup with Vstats and Statcounter you will have a pretty comprehensive system for website analysis. The best part is all of this is free. You may want to add some paid analytics services later on, but this is a great way to start with no cash outlay. What you do with the data is another story and we'll save that for an upcoming blog. Play around with these statistics and I think you'll learn allot about your website visitors.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.


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