Color Palette For Your Website

I see lot's of issues with balanced color combinations on websites. To some people color coordination comes easy to others it doesn't. That's OK. There are tools to help you. First find your logo. Use Photoshop or Gimp or equivalent graphics software that can get you the hex codes for the colors you are using in your logo. Then you can go to a website like and use their tools to help you match you logo to complimentary colors that will go well with your logo. You can go to their homepage, Click create and ad your hex code or RGB to find colors that compliment your logo. You can experiment with different color combinations that will go well together using different color theories. After you find the combinations you like you can send them to your web designer or work with them to design a well balanced website. also shows trends in branding, looks websites etc. You may get some new ideas and concepts in web design. That's our tip for the day on color. I hope you find it useful.

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