Get Your Website Mobile-Ready

With more than half of cell phones able to access the Internet. You have to ask the question, is my site mobile ready. There are different degrees of mobile ready websites. Some of them look like regular websites, but their layout and font and content are mobile phone friendly. Others take technology to a new level, reading the type of device your using and delivering a format compatible to your mobile phone. Your browser's user agent tells the server what type of cell phone you're using and the server sends back the format you need. You don't need to have a .mobi URL. As a matter of fact it's preferable not to use .mobi. Instead, you can use your own domain and have your server check browser formats for you. With a little planning you can have a website that's friendly for most resolutions out there, extending your reach to more possible visitors and recurring increasing traffic because your customers can enjoy your site. The video below shows some tips to consider to help make your website more mobile friendly. If you have any questions feel free to contact us here at netforge. We can help you with a fully functional mobile-ready website.


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