Tasteful Web Design – When Less Is More

Take a stroll through your local web design sites. What do you see. I see sites that scream look at me, like cheap harlot in a skimpy red dress. I see others that cling to a time period that they loved, like some people latch on to an outdated hairstyle hoping that it will come back into fashion. Did you ever look down and see someone wearing an outfit and wonder if they put it on in the dark or were they just color blind? Sometimes I wonder if half of the web designers ever heard of the term "Less Is More". We believe in tastefully subtle that are effective. A website shouldn't scream so loud you can't hear what is being said. A website shouldn't blaringly hurt your eyes and senses with effects. Your goal when designing a website should be captivating your audience with information that will interest them. The design of the site should reflect the mood of the business. It should be upbeat and interesting but it shouldn't normally be a party unless you're selling party supplies.

Top 5 Signs of a Badly Overdone Website

  1. You fall asleep waiting for the FLASH to load
  2. You get nauseous from all the motion on the website
  3. The colors start to burn your retinas
  4. The sound is so loud your ears bleed and you can't turn it off
  5. You recognize the music from a bad porn movie

Now that I got my rant out of the way, I thought it was important to state that subtle usually gets more conversions than loud. Subtle and smart design works best. graphic design should lead the eye towards the conversion point. For those of you not in marketing, what you want is a website that the consumer goes to. the first glance should give the consumer the information they were looking for with some kind of bait to take them to the page that let's them fill out lead information or purchase something. The landing page of a website shouldn't mesmerize them or make them run. Mesmerizing is better than running if you have to make a choice.

One of the services we offer is analytics of your website. we can monitor where people go on your website, how much time they spend at each page. Where they stay and where they leave. You can compare a new site to an old site and you can modify them and watch the results. We also build websites that can be modified to change with the needs of the consumer. Today websites need to be built with the consumer in mind. They don't have to look like they were built by someone on a bad acid trip to get the consumer's attention. We can prove it to you with facts, statistics and tasteful design and marketing. give us a call for an interview. We will customize a look that reflects your business. Contact Us

P.S. If I insulted anyone's web design, sorry, feel free to vent.

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