The Beauty of WordPress

     Welcome to the 21st century, home of the opinionated public. Nowadays it seems like everyone has something to say, but unfortunately many of us cannot find a good outlet to speak through. The most increasing method of opinion sharing has come in the form of blogging websites. Blogs are a great way to share your own personal thoughts with people who are likely to have similar interests. Starting your own blog, however, usually seems like an impossible task, especially for those who are less technologically inclined. Well, even those who are not graced by the gods of technology can start and maintain a blogging website through a program called WordPress. Created in 2003 by Matt Mullenberg and Mike Little, WordPress has become a staple item in the website community.    
    WordPress was founded on the concept of a simple way for people to start up their own blogging websites. What has kept WordPress ahead of their competitors is the ability of a user to pick and choose plug-ins to download, therefore customizing their website. Having that customization allows users to create a website that is as unique as the thoughts that will fill the site. The latest versions of WordPress allow users to have multiple pages on their site. The use of multiple pages grants users the ability to give biographical information, suggestions to other sites, or even a completely separate section to their site, further customizing the blog.
    Most WordPress users enjoy the constantly updating program.  Since 2003, WordPress has been updated 13 times, adding such modifications as new templates, better editing and image uploading, the ability to track changes made to any posts, and most recently, the ability to see when an admin is on so your comments and updates can be tracked instantaneously. WordPress is continually evolving to best suit the needs of its 32.5 million users. To help better please it’s users, WordPress offers 24 hour technical support, over 50 different language options, and compatibility on all major Internet systems. For all of those who have suffered the mid-blog crash or unexpected system shut down, WordPress continuously saves your work, that way none of your information will ever be lost.
    While WordPress can be enjoyed by all types of users, the best recommendation would be to see a website professional to best handle your site. Expert web programmers can maximize your websites opportunities by combining their in-depth technological knowledge with the numerous capabilities WordPress offers. An established web programmer will have already used many of the WordPress plug-ins and can save you tons of time looking for the best way to customize your site. Going to the experts provides an extra amount of technical help, advice and even ways to expand your site that will garner more Internet attention. If you are looking to have your site make a big splash in a quick way, an expert in the web programming industry will be able to provide that for you quicker than you could yourself.
    So for all of you opinion-givers, over-thinkers, and two-cent-throwers, now is your chance to have your opinions heard. A quick stop by can have your website up in no time, while having some professional help can have your website booming just as quickly. If you can’t hold back those strong opinions any longer, start your website today and let the ideas fly.


Written by: Chris Siretz

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