The Color Wheel For Website Design

The right color combinations can accent and compliment a website. The wrong color combinations can send consumers to your competition. Many soon to be website owners don't have a color combination in mind, leaving the web designer to decide the color scheme for their business. The color wheel is a basic website design tool that can help you decide what color combinations you would like to represent your business. A color wheel can be used to coordinate new themes for a different product lines. It can also be used to coordinate the colors in stock pictures to the design of your site.  Carefully planned colorcombinations can set a mood, whether it's for buying, contemplating, learning etc. Color can set the tone of your website so you may not always want to leave the decision to your web designer, unless you trust them. There are some web designers out there that could use a lesson or too from the color wheel, but we'll save that for another blog article. For now watch the video and enjoy.


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