Web Design In The Fold

Newer website marketing techniques are trending towards keeping most of the content "in the fold". In the fold means positioning most of your message and style within the screen of the average user. Most consumers don't like to scroll up and down the page.  We try to design with this in mind. When creating the layout of a landing page we try to keep the most important part of the message within the view of the average computer screen. You can't design an effective website without knowing what type of screen the average user is viewing to see your website. Once you know you can build an effective website to take advantage of the equipment in use. More than 75% of users don't scroll below the fold of the homepage. If your message is below the fold three quarters of your visitors may never see your message.

In the last few years computer screen resolutions have changed quite a bit. Starting with the small netbook type computer on to standard laptops and desktop computer screens, stretching out to the wider flat screens that have come out lately. for the purpose of this article we will leave smart phones out of the equation. Due to the wide variety of screen resolutions out there, we recommend the use of Google analytics or similar search engine or statistical tools to help you find what your consumers are using to view your website. when using Analytics you can also see where on the screen your visitors are going. It will tell you what percentage of viewers are scrolling below the fold. I think you will be shocked at how many people only look at what is visible on the screen. I hope this article helps you in your web design endeavors. Let us know if we can help.


Now that you've viewed the video. Keep those screen resolutions in mind. I would install Google Analytics and see if your consumers are within these parameters. Trends change and as time goes by the data you find using Google Analytics will tell you how you should lay out your web design to offer the best display for your users. If you have any questions on this feel free to contact us.

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